Brown University jumps on board Student Advantage, gets Office 365 for free


Brown University jumps on board Student Advantage, gets Office 365 for free

Microsoft has revealed today that Brown University has jumped on board the Microsoft Student Advantage program, which offers Office 365 ProPlus to students for free. Approximately, 8,600 students now have the tools they need to complete coursework from any device while in school and compete in the job market after graduation, free of cost. 

Brown University is a private Ivy League research university located in Providence, Rhode Island. The university was founded back in 1764 and is one of the seventh oldest institutions in the United States.

Prior to this announcement, students who wanted to utilize Office had to purchase it for themselves or rely on third-party software. “Office on the Windows platform offers students a full enterprise experience, but many students use a variety of devices, such as iPhones, iPads, PCs and desktop computers, so Brown needed a unified solution that would provide students with the same, robust experience no matter what device they are using,” Microsoft explained. We all know what it’s like to use different software and have compatibility and sync issues.

Microsoft Student Advantage, which launched in December of 2013, offers academic institutions the ability to offer Office 365 ProPlus to students for free, granted they already have an Office license for staff and faculty.

“When our chief information officer heard about Student Advantage, he wanted us to make it available to students as quickly as possible, and we were able to extend the service to students in about one month,” said Geoffrey Greene, director of IT Support Services, Brown University. “Students have been champing at the bit for this, and faculty have frequently asked us to help students get the solution, so it’s a great benefit for everyone. Plus, a lot of our students use laptops, iPhones and other devices, so Office 365 was the perfect solution for us.”

“The Microsoft Student Advantage is an incredible opportunity for all students to gain access to the Office programs,” said Sazzy Gourley, student at Brown University. “Especially for incoming first-years, or for those who are purchasing new computers, Microsoft Student Advantage makes accessible the technology students need to be academically successful.”