British Airways and Microsoft make life easier with Digital Bag Tag technology


Digital Bag Tag picture

Lucky Windows Phone users who are going through Terminal 5 with British Airways are in for a great experience. Microsoft and British Airways have been working on a month-long trial together on implementing a personalized digital bag tag.

The digital bag tag replaces the old bag tag with a new form of technology that is less of a hassle and also good for the environment. The digital bag tag is like a small flash drive containing all of the customer’s baggage details, and being NFC-compatible, it makes the experience even better. 

Microsoft have been able to make this technology work after a whole month of testing this new technology with having close ties with the British Airways app, which users can use to provide helpful feedback. The digital bag tag is specially developed by British Airways, in partnership with Densitron Displays, and Designworks Windsor, making it the best possible experience of what all these companies have to offer.

Glenn Morgan, British Airways’ head of service transformation, said: “The customer trials take us another step closer to making the personalized digital bag tag a reality for our customers. We’re grateful for Microsoft’s support during the trial, which will help us shape the future of checking in for flights.”

“British Airways has a long history of innovation. The digital bag tag is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to developing new technology and holds the promise of making checking in for flights even quicker and smoother.”

With the digital bag tag, users won’t have to hassle around, therefore saving lots of time. The customer can simply drop off their bag at the dedicated drop-off location, without lining up for waiting to get a printed sticker. Customers can use it to check in, choose their seat, and obtain their mobile boarding pass. All this will work with NFC, because all of these tasks will seamlessly work by simply tagging the bag tag with your phone.

Anand Krishnan, general manager, developer and platform group, Microsoft Ltd, said: “Working with British Airways to help shape the future of one of the company’s key customer experiences is something we’re very proud to be involved in.

“With Windows Phone at the heart of the project we look forward to learning more about how our mobile devices and services can be part of this innovative trial to enhance the airport check in experience”.

With British Airways investing more than 5 billion Euro’s to make travelers happier and more satisfied, this is a great way to use NFC technology. British Airways is also working on getting new aircraft, smarter cabins, and elegant lounges with all this money being invested.

In case you’re wondering, the digital bag tag has been built to withstand to the rough environment of airport baggage systems and everyday travel. The digital bag tag will have a lifetime up to five years, allowing it to be used over and over again.

So what are you waiting for? Go book a flight with British Airways to try this out new experience!