Bring friends to enjoy more space on OneDrive



A few hours ago we learned that OneDrive might include the “co-owner” feature. Now, the same website has revealed some more information regarding Microsoft’s new cloud storage service. Attesting screenshots to make its claims seem legit, the website says OneDrive will have a Dropbox-like free storage for friends referral.

As you might have heard by now, SkyDrive rebranded itself after losing a legal dispute over the use of the word “Sky” with a British firm BSkyB. While at first, not many new features were expected to come with the name change, since it would basically still be SkyDrive. However, thanks to new leaks, we are now looking at some very handy features.


While the previous report revealed a useful feature (co-owner), an option that will allow you to share a folder with your colleagues and friends, a new leak tells us about two bonus features. First, in the same vein as Dropbox, if you invite friends and get them to use it, you will be provided with 500 MB of extra storage. The number of friends you can invite up to now has been limited to 10, so at max you can get about 5GB of storage.

The second bonus feature will get you 3GB of storage space, and is being called “Camera roll bonus”. According to the report, if you let OneDrive automatically sync your photos from your phone, be it Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, you will be provided with 3 extra gigs of storage. Not bad, eh?