BrightArch AS raises financing to bring efficiency to private and public workforce changes


BrightArch AS, the creators of OrganizationWeaver software, announced the closing of their seed round of financing today. Although the terms were not disclosed, the round was led by Kima Ventures and completed by the members of BrightArch’s newly formed board of directors. The board consists of Scandinavian and UK business executives.

OrganizationWeaver is a centralized decision-management solution to design and staff organizations that are going through transformational changes. OrganizationWeaver is primarily used during large mergers, reorganizations, spin-outs, or downsizing processes.

Tor Kielland, Founder and CEO of BrightArch, said, “We are very pleased to close this funding round and bring on such a strong board. With this support, we can offer OrganizationWeaver to private and public clients to help them reduce organizational restructuring duration and costs by up to half.”

Organizational restructuring projects demand vast amounts of information about the organization, its strategy, its employees, and every individual’s competencies and personal goals. Most of this information is either in employees’ minds or spread across different databases and documents. OrganizationWeaver brings all of this information together, arranges it, and allows project teams to collaboratively make and track decisions about the structure and staffing of the organization being transformed.

Jeremie Berrebi, Co-Founder of Kima Ventures and lead BrightArch investor, said “We’re very pleased to have BrightArch join our group of portfolio companies. Their software brings an entirely new set of capabilities to large workforce changes. Change management no longer has to happen in a black box. It can happen transparently, socially, and much more effectively.”

Founded in January of 2010 after two years of stealth product development, BrightArch has been self-funded until this financing round.

BrightArch AS is an independent private limited company that provides organizational transformation solutions. Located in Oslo, Norway, BrightArch develops and supports OrganizationWeaver software. To find out more, please visit