Here is the breakdown of devices running Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview

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The breakdown of devices of running the Windows 10 Technical Preview

We have been underway into the Windows 10 Technical Preview for a little under a month now. If you are participating, or following along with us, you will have seen some interesting features and, already, the start of the second series of builds.

Microsoft has taken a break from software to report on the users participating in the Windows Insider program. Here are the percentages of users running the Windows 10 9860 build (we imagine that almost everyone in the program has updated to the latest version) on each device form factor:

The desktops has the clear lead, with laptops not far behind. Tablets are rather low at 2%, which is where the Surface users would be. However, that is somewhat expected, as Windows 8.1 is very well optimized for the Surface already. I, myself, am part of the 32%! (Laptops)

Microsoft has been collecting a lot of usage data from machines as a part of the preview, so hopefully we see more stats in the future.