Break Into Code lets students become technology creators

Dave W. Shanahan

Break Into Code lets students become technology creators

Break Into Code is a new competition through Microsoft YouthSpark aimed at helping students learn to code. With free software tutorials from Microsoft Imagine, a Microsoft YouthSpark program, students can learn to code their own game or app in about an hour. From there, students can change, personalize, or rearrange it however they see fit and submit their games or apps to Break Into Code for up to $12,000 in cash and Microsoft products. 

Break Into Code is the first in a series of challenges from Microsoft Imagine that looks to give students the chance to learn coding, develop their ideas and creativity, and make some great and innovative apps and games that might just change the world!

In order to be eligible for the Break Into Code! challenge, you must:

  • Be 9-18 years of age
  • Use any device with a browser and internet connection to register and compete 
  • Follow a tutorial on how to make a game or app using TouchDevelop
  • Figure out how to make your game or app unique
  • Change your game or app to make it original and submit it to the Break Into Code competition by June 7th, 2015.

With Break Into Code, students get to learn is relatively simple to learn and allow you to be exposed to limitless opportunities for the future. So if you or someone you know is interested, register here and get started on your own Break Into Code project for a chance to win cash and prizes.