Box brings its Notes app to Mac, Windows, updates web experience

Laurent Giret

Box Notes app

Box, an American company known for its cloud storage service and other online collaboration tools has introduced today a revamped version of it Box Notes app, which is now available as a desktop app on Windows and MacOS (via VentureBeat). The Box team has added a new sidebar to the app which will make it easier to access your notes, while the overall design has been greatly simplified. The app also allows teams to collaborate on notes in real time, and power users will find 19 keyboard shortcuts to make them more productive.

Compared to the web app, the Windows and MacOS desktop apps have the exact same features except that they can’t be used while being offline for now (this will change in an upcoming update). You can see how the app works in the video below:

As OneNote, Google Keep or Evernote, are already highly competitive, Box Notes doesn’t really bring anything new to the table though but the business-focused app should be interesting for business who have already invested in the Box ecosystem. The company noted:

What makes Box Notes so powerful is that it’s built directly into Box, benefitting from the deep enterprise-grade innovations we’ve pioneered in the cloud: HIPAA and FedRAMP compliance; retention policies through Box Governance; and full encryption in transit and at rest, just to name a few. Plus, Box is where all your content already lives. It’s where your network of collaborators and teammates is already set up and working.

According to the company, 40% of the Fortune 500 are already using Box Notes, which is quite impressive for an app that launched three years ago. You can check the web app or download the new desktop apps on the company’s website.