Bots are coming to Bing Ads to help manage campaigns

Dave W. Shanahan

In an interview with Search Engine Land, David Pann, general manager of Bing Ads, spoke at length about Microsoft’s efforts in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and bots.

Apparently, Microsoft is working on an as yet unreleased Bing Ads bot, an “Associate Account Manager in the Box.” This Microsoft bot is aimed at giving every Bing Ads advertiser access to a virtual account manager. Pann explains that the bot will be limited to overall account management.

“Through our bots and artificial intelligence and our machine learning, and through just standard messaging, every customer should get an account manager. It won’t just tell you how you’re doing, but can make recommendations on what you should be doing to get better performance. We’re starting to build that. Then you can imagine from there automating a lot of the back office and billing capabilities.”

Besides Associate Account Manager in the Box, Microsoft sees the role that AI and machine learning will play in future marketing campaign management. Pann sees a significant shift in the way marketers use automation on a daily basis.

Recently, Pann introduced Decision Service, a new optimization product for Bind Ads. Pann asked some Bing Ads search customers if they would let an algorithm change their creative marketing approach. Many Bing Ads search customers were open to allowing an algorithm control their creative approach if it meant saving time and gaining more exposure.

“A couple of years ago, people would say no. But an algorithm can do A/B testing on thousands of permutations so much faster than individuals. And the problem is not those individuals, it’s not that they’re not capable, it’s just that they don’t have time. I think people are realizing there’s so much to do and some of this is so labor intensive. You know, I no longer have to be the person who owns ‘fly to Boston cheap’ versus ‘cheap flights to Boston’ and the thousands of permutations that can occur. In search, we’ve just been associated with these things for so many years it’s a natural evolution for us to say the algorithm has been predicting what ad to show on the page, why not have an algorithm create the ad we show on the page and then change it at 1:01, 1:02, 1:03 p.m., or dynamically change it based on the type of user that’s going to view it. Do I think we’re going to get there? Yeah, I do.”

Do you think bots like Associate Account Manager in the Box is better suited to handle marketing automation campaigns? Let us know in the comments.