Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are doing great and that’s a good thing, says Major Nelson


Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are doing great and that's a good thing, says Major Nelson

May be it is just us and characters in South Park who care about the Xbox vs PlayStation war. Folks behind the manufacturing would rather want a peaceful environment. At least that’s what Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson believes. 

While PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One last year, Xbox One was quick to backfire and managed to take the mantle for last month’s hottest. As far as numbers are concerned, both the consoles are doing exceptionally well, and offer lucrative features. But that is not something biased fanboys would accept for an answer.

On a Reddit thread today, a place where you would expect the discussion to derail every now and then, Larry Hryb, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live took the world by surprise when he expressed goodwill for the rivalry PlayStation. He commented,

Both new platforms are off to a great start. We all should be celebrating a healthy vibrant industry. Sony has done a good job and they should be commended. The hate that infects gaming in the online space needs to go away. 

Having tough competition in the market will only mean good to the consumers, and will keep both the companies on their toes to innovate and bring more cutting edge features. “Sony will sell a ton. We will sell a ton. The industry is doing well…and consumers have choice.”, he added.