Both Windows 10, Windows 7 gain shares as Windows XP hits its lowest, says NetMarketShare data

Kit McDonald

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Windows XP has been losing shares steadily over the course of the last few years. However, what’s most interesting about the NetMarketShare’s latest report is that those losses have become gains not only for Windows 10, but for Windows 7 as well (via Neowin.)

Microsoft has made distinct effort to convert most of their consumers over to the newest brand of Windows. That being said, the struggle has been difficult for most. Arguably, a heavy user base is still clinging onto Windows 7 fervently, creating a stalemate between the two operating systems that even Microsoft’s security warnings can’t shake up.

Last month, it started to look like those efforts were coming to fruition with a decrease of shares across all but Windows 10. However, the recent report explains that might not be the case just yet. Windows XP has taken a dive under 7% for the first time in its history, giving Windows 7 a boost of 1% as a result.

Image via NetMarketShare/Neowin

This puts Windows 7 at 49.46% of shares with Windows 10 at 26.78%, which had been 26.28% the month before. While Microsoft still dominates the OS market, the conversion of XP in favor of Windows 7 makes a statement against Windows 10 which is growing at a slower pace. It’s worth noting that even as minuscule as it has, Windows 10 is still making a steady incline whereas Windows 7 has wavered. Still, this puts the predecessor at its highest in the last year.

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