Boku brings carrier billing to Windows 10 devices in France

Brad Stephenson

Windows Phone and headphones

Boku has expanded their arrangement with Microsoft to allow for carrier billing on Windows 10 devices in France. Users on Orange France will now be able to connect their mobile and Microsoft accounts and choose mobile billing as a payment method for any purchases made within the Windows Store. This includes any apps, music, or movies purchased through the digital storefront but should also extend to Xbox One games as well, given that those are also sold through the same service.

“This is the first time carrier billing will be offered as a payment option for the Windows Store in France and will be available across a full range of devices including Windows Phones, Surface Tablets and any PC or laptop running Windows 10,” the official statement released by Boku reads. “France is one of the top global markets for Windows 10 adoption, which currently has over 400 Million downloads globally. Orange boasts over 29 Million subscribers, nearly 40% marketshare, in France.”

Boku and Microsoft brought carrier billing to the United Kingdom and Italy several months ago. It’s unclear if this payment method will expand to other European countries but it is a possibility.

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