Bob Stutz, Microsoft Dynamics Corporate VP, leaving for "well-deserved break"

Mark Coppock

Microsoft Dynamics is an important product for Microsoft’s enterprise business, and while personnel always come and go in large organizations, it’s not a happy thing when important people leave important businesses. Such is likely the case with Dynamics Corporate VP Bob Stutz leaving Microsoft, according to, who posted the full text of an internal memo detailing the changes.
Microsoft’s statement is fairly typical for such things:

With the Dynamics CRM 2016 release cycle coming to a close, Bob Stutz has made the decision to leave Microsoft to pursue new opportunities. Bob has done a great job leading the Dynamics CRM organization over the last 3.5 years, and I’d like to thank him for his leadership in transforming Dynamics CRM from an industry challenger to a clear leader in the CRM space. We wish him the best as he takes on his next adventure.

Regarding Jujhar Singh, who’s been tasked with assuming the mantle:

Jujhar Singh will be leading the CRM Business Applications Team. Jujhar has been a critical driver of innovation in the CRM business in his previous role as our Dynamics CRM product champion leading product management and strategic direction, and has driven our vision for intelligent customer engagement. Jujhar will report directly to me, and I am very pleased to have him on the C+E senior leadership team.

With the Dynamics Convergence conference scheduled for early 2016, people in the sales and marketing technology industry will watching closely to see the impact, if any, of Stutz’s departure. According to those in the know, Stutz has been doing a standup job in keeping Dynamics competitive with its, SAP, and Oracle competitors. Delve and Cortana integration stand to make the customer relationship manager software even more competitive in the years ahead.
We’ll be keep our eyes open as well as to how Dynamics progressives moving forward. It’s an important part of Microsoft’s cloud-first strategy and keeps Microsoft firmly ensconced in the enterprise.
Update: Re/Code is reporting that Stutz, rather than enjoying that break, is joining Dynamics CRM’s main rival,