Bluetooth updates coming with Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update

Vu Anh Nguyen

Lumia Windows Phone

Continuing the recent streak, more information is coming from slides from its WinHEC 2016 conference, this time with a focus on hardware. Among the new (and repeating) information is mention of a new update for the Bluetooth stack in Windows 10 Mobile, uncovered by MSPoweruser.

Specifically, the update is reportedly for the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), which is listed at version 1.5 in the slides, up from version 1.3 currently available generally. AVRCP is mobile-only, with version 1.3 allowing control devices to see music control status and metadata. Version 1.5, reportedly came to Windows Insider in Build 14283, will also allow devices like car head units to browse and search media on the phone, and also control the volume through what is referred to as “Absolute Volume”. With the new Bluetooth update, Bluetooth devices should also be able to pair with supported machines prior to shipping, saving a step for e.g. future Surface owners.

Given that WinHEC 2016’s purpose is as a planning event for the upcoming big update of Windows, called “Windows 10 Anniversary Update”, slated for release later this year, it’s safe to assume that AVRCP 1.5 will be coming along with this update. The new features sounds quite useful, however, and we can’t wait to see what other things Microsoft has in store for Windows users as the G-day comes closer. Stay tuned for Anniversary Update-related news, Windows goodness, and more.