Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy coming to high-end Lumias with Lumia Black update


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy coming to high-end Lumias with Lumia Black update

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform continues to grow and this time around Nokia has revealed that the upcoming Lumia Black update will add support for Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth 4.0.

Nokia has revealed that the Lumia Black update, which is rumored to be released in Q1 of 2014, will enable high-end phones to support Bluetooth 4.0. “Bluetooth LE allows you to connect your phone with special accessories like heart rate monitors. While doing that, thanks to Bluetooth LE connection, the accessory battery will last much longer, up to months. It is already available for 520, 620, 625, and 720 with Amber. With Lumia Black software update, Bluetooth LE will be enabled across the full WP8 Lumia range,” Nokia explains.

With Bluetooth 4.0 technology supported, it allows phones to save battery because it uses less energy for transmission. It also allows phones to continue syncing in the background, allowing the user to have the most up-to-date information. As WPCentral points out, devices like the Fitbit, Adidas miCoach, any other health-related, and wearable technology would perform better with Bluetooth 4.0, and it’s not only the devices that would benefit from this, but also the phone they’re linked with.

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