BlueStacks steps things up with AMD to bring full Android to Windows


BlueStacks steps things up with AMD to bring full Android to Windows

Android or Windows? Windows or Android? If you have eschewed iOS, these are your choices when it comes to choosing a tablet. But no more! Now that CES is under way we have heard from Intel that devices running both Android and Windows will be increasingly common thanks to a new processor that can run both operating systems.

But if you don’t like the idea of switching between Android and Windows but would still like to be able to use both, there is another option to consider. BlueStacks may be a familiar name due to its emulation tool that enables Android apps to be run under Windows, but now things are being taken to the next level.

Working in conjunction with AMD, BlueStacks is promising to bring the full Android experience to Windows users. Powered by fourth generation AMD APUs, the latest version of BlueStacks provides access to the complete Android interface rather than just individual apps.

“We’re working with AMD to build the next great PC and AMD’s industry-leading hardware allows for a more flexible experience with Android apps on the PC for end-users,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO, BlueStacks.

Apps can be run either in windowed mode, or at full screen, and this form of emulation is an interesting alternative to the dual booting solution put forward by Intel. What do you think? Does this idea of a fully emulated version of Android running under Windows sound more appealing that having the option to boot directly into Android?

Check out the video below to see the Android/Windows combo in action!