BLU Windows Phone selection now available on Amazon in Europe

Sean Cameron


Windows Phone has typically struggled to attract attention from big OEMs, with only HTC and Samsung giving the OS a cursory glance since the introduction of Windows Phone 8. To combat this, Microsoft has tried to attract smaller, localized manufacturers to the fray, and of these BLU has been one of the most prominent.

Producing well-regarded and nicely specced devices, initially for the US market, the company is now expanding internationally, with the BLU Win HD LTE and Win Jr LTE now available for purchase via Amazon in Europe. The Win HD LTE will cost 129 Euros on the mainland, and £99 in the UK, while the Win Jr will cost 99 Euros or £69 in the UK, as reported by the company itself on an official blog.

This comes following a similar expansion into India, which we reported on earlier.

Do you live in Europe? Will you be picking up a BLU device? Let us know in the comments below.