BLU Win HD to get Windows 10 Mobile

Brad Stephenson

BLU has just confirmed via their official Twitter account that their BLU Win HD will be updated to Windows 10 Mobile once the operating system is released. No specific timeframe has been given for when Windows 10 Mobile will come to the BLU Win HD handset so it could happen within days of the OS launch or even take a few months.

BLU produces smartphones for people on a budget. Their phones may not be as powerful as the more higher-end devices but they get the job done and are finding themselves an audience. Their BLU Win Jr (non-LTE) Windows Phone updated recently to the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1. It’s unclear if the BLU Win Jr will get a Windows 10 update as it only contains 4GB of storage and Windows 10 requires more than 4GB to be installed.
Do you own a BLU Windows Phone and is Windows 10 something that would affect your purchase of a future model? Let us know in the comments below.