Blu announces Windows 10 Mobile availability on more Win phones

Vu Anh Nguyen

The list of Microsoft’s mobile hardware partners has never been expansive, and especially when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, Windows phone users don’t have that many choices for third-party hardware makers. It should be great news, then, when one of them expand Windows 10 availability for their handset range: in this case, BLU Products, reports Neowin.

Specifically, in a new official tweet, the company has confirmed that the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade is coming, three months after its release, to three of their phones: the Win HD, Win HD LTE, and Win JR LTE X130.

The announcement means that BLU has finally delivered on its promised upgrade list released exactly three months ago, which actually has one more supported phone – the Win JR LTE X130E – than Microsoft’s own, admittedly also paltry, list. While the 8GB storage and 1GB RAM requirement of W10M may explain the omission of other budget models from BLU, Microsoft’s list also has a questionable lack of other more-than-capable third-party hardware from the likes of HTC and Yezz. Here’s to hoping support will come for these other phones in the future; stay tuned for updates. If you’re an eligible BLU phone owner, head to our guide to update your device to Microsoft’s latest mobile OS.