BlockMaster invites application, server and device vendors to become SafeConsoleReady and take portable data security to the nex


The SafeConsoleReady program opens up remote management for more brands of secure USB devices and allows push publishing of new portable applications to managed secure USB devices and invites third-party servers to securely interface with the SafeConsole management platform.

SAN FRANCISCO, RSA 2011, February 15, 2011 – BlockMaster (, the leading provider of managed secure USB flash drives, today announces SafeConsoleReady, an open invitation to third-party manufacturers of applications, servers and devices to join forces and collaborate. Technology partners can now sign up to integrate new brands of secure USB drives and devices to work with BlockMaster’s SafeConsole management system, access SafeConsole from third-party interfaces and bundle additional portable software which can then be rolled out to new or existing SafeConsoleReady devices.

“We’re looking to attract technology partners who will sign up to access the capabilities of our SafeConsole platform,” said Anders Kjellander, CSO, BlockMaster. “Small USB drives can pose a big security headache to organizations, but they need not be insecure and cause chaos. Working with us, technology partners can enable their customers to make applications, servers and devices SafeConsoleReady, so what once was insecure is now completely secure, in good order and manageable.”

The SafeConsoleReady brand and program will ensure that BlockMaster partner products work efficiently with SafeConsole management tools and are able to offer customers all the security and management benefits of SafeConsole.

Anders Kjellander, CSO, BlockMaster comments: “Technology partners can look forward to offering a broader portfolio of functionality to their customers including managed secure USB drives. This will add value and diversity.”

Currently there are three product categories within the SafeConsoleReady program:

• SafeConsoleReady Applications

• SafeConsoleReady Servers

• SafeConsoleReady Devices

SafeConsoleReady Applications can be push-delivered to new or existing managed SafeConsoleReady devices, allowing organisations to provision USB devices with company-specific applications on-demand.

SafeConsoleReady Servers from interested third-party vendors and integrators are offered a controlled and secure way to allow joint customers access to their SafeConsole server features from external third-party interfaces. The server offering allows ease of integration towards the SafeConsole management server with straightforward secure server-to-server communication.

SafeConsoleReady Devices can enable secure devices to become managed by SafeConsole, either out-of-the-box or through in-the-field updates. Industry leader Kingston is the first third-party provider of SafeConsoleReady Devices.

“Kingston is proud to work with BlockMaster on a centrally-managed software solution for our Secure USB Flash drives,” said John Terpening, secure USB business manager, Kingston. “At RSA, we have debuted this managed solution as well as a few other secure USB announcements aimed at our enterprise customers who have long depended on Kingston’s expertise and heritage in memory solutions.”

Kjellander concludes: “BlockMaster has been at the center of the managed secure USB drive technology for many years and has therefore already established strong industry ties and partnerships such as Kingston Digital Inc. The SafeConsoleReady Program will enable us to expand these relationships and let our partners reap more of the benefits of our technology and vast installation base. The biggest winner however, will be the customer who will have a great management solution available to them at the touch of a button, across varying devices.

Meet up with BlockMaster in Booth #2425 at RSA 2011 in San Francisco until 17th February.