Blizzard hit with DDOS attack over the weekend

David Allen


If you tried to play any of your favorite Blizzard titles over the weekend odds are you struggled to have much fun.  As if the team over at Blizzard didn’t have enough on their minds with the pending Microsoft buyout, they were under a DDOS attack.

Blizzard Response

While Diablo IV seemed to be the main target of the attacks, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and Overwatch servers were impacted as well.  Diablo IV had a relatively smooth launch earlier this month with the only issues being reported were trouble signing in on launch day due to the number of players.  Blizzard did run several Play Test events before launch to help them prepare for the expected capacity.

After a few hours Blizzard reported the attack had subsided and after a game reboot most players were able to login, We will keep an eye on this should their be any future developments.