Blink for Windows Phone is Microsoft’s answer to BlackBerry 10’s Time Shift camera feature


Windows Phone Blink App

Microsoft has made available a new app downloadable for Windows Phone called Blink. What exactly is Blink? Blink allows you to capture a burst of images before your camera shutters and continues to capture the pictures after you have taken the shot, to allow you to pick the best picture.

“With BLINK for Windows Phone 8, you’ll never miss the best shot. BLINK captures a burst of images before you even press the shutter, and continues to capture pictures after you’ve taken your shot. It’s no problem if you press the shutter a few seconds too early or too late. With BLINK, a simple finger swipe lets you find the perfect shot. Advanced image stabilization technology from Microsoft Research removes camera shake and lets you focus on the important parts of the scene,” the app description reads. You can grab this app for Windows Phone 8 by hitting the download link below.

Interestingly enough, BlackBerry announced that its latest operating system BlackBerry 10 would have a new feature called “Time Shift” that would basically “rewind time” to get the best camera shot. This feature is very similar to the Blink app for Windows Phone, in that it helps fight against people who keep blinking or moving in group shots or single shots. Most cameras have a Burst mode that takes numerous shots and lets you pick the best one. Interestingly enough, Microsoft has some nice timing in releasing the Blink app for Windows Phone, only after BlackBerry made its announcement about BB10’s Time Shift camera feature. Regardless, trying to one up the competition only means good things for us consumers! Take a look at the Time Shift camera feature available in BB10: