Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day celebrates 25th year with on campus events

Arif Bacchus

Blacks at Microsoft

At Microsoft’s annual Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day in Redmond, Washington, hundreds of local high school students had the chance to learn about the latest education technology, as well as connect with the folks from all levels of Microsoft.

The event has been going on for 25 years, and it provides students from underrepresented communities with information about tools, resources and career opportunities that are available to them in the information technology field. Through the use of hands-on technology labs on tools from OneNote to Micro:bit, Microsoft employees also used the event as an opportunity to guide students and inspire them to achieve their goals, and perhaps even spark the young folks interest in pursuing a technology career at Microsoft.

Microsoft Education corporate vice president Tony Prophet delivered the keynote address at the event and he emphasized Microsoft’s commitment to education. Emphasis was also placed on the fact that Microsoft ensures that all students have access to the same opportunity.

Blacks at Microsoft is the employee resource group which is responsible for the event. The group is committed to actively contributing to the growth of local and international communities. There is even a special focus on educating youth and exposing them to emerging technologies and career opportunities in the technology industry.