BlackBerry PlayBook Review Roundup


With the release of the original iPad, we saw the birth of a new category of devices that has the potential to dramatically change the computing landscape. Boasting ease of use and low prices, many consumers are starting to choose a tablet over a laptop for their daily computing requirements. Today, we see the first official reviews of another contender in the tablet space, the BlackBerry PlayBook.

AnandTech takes an in-depth look at RIM’s new tablet. With a 7-inch screen, dual-core Cortex A9 processor, and a $499 to $699 price tag, the PlayBook is well placed to compete against the iPad 2 and other tablets. The PlayBook seems to be best designed for current BlackBerry smartphone users. Users can keep all their private data on their BlackBerry smartphone while maintaining a secure connection to the PlayBook. Enterprise and business customers utilizing BlackBerry within the workplace will find this a natural fit to their existing infrastructure.

In regards to the general consumer, the PlayBook seems to be missing too many apps at present. The lack of email, calendar, Netflix, Twitter, etc. may hamper early adoption of the device. Nevertheless, with full 1080p High Profile H.264 playback and smooth multitasking support, RIM is well placed to now focus their efforts on building a large community of developers and enthusiasts around the PlayBook. RIM should also be able to avoid any device and OS fragmentation compared to Google’s Android.

It seems apparent that with the introduction of the PlayBook and Microsoft’s efforts to provide a user-friendly tablet interface in Windows 8, tablets are here to stay and their usefulness will only continue to grow.

Below are a list of reviews by various sites:
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal