beta launches new search platform, reputation monitoring

Ron, the popular URL shortening service, is taking URL click data to a whole new level. The company has announced the beta launch of their new search technology and reputation monitoring system to provide users with an index of the most viral content on the web.

“Today we’re pleased to announce the beta launch of bitly’s search platform and reputation monitoring service. Bitly shortens 80 million URLs every day, give or take a few. Now, with our new search technology, we’re crawling and classifying every URL we shorten to create an index of the most “viral” content on the web – content that’s broadly distributed, frequently-clicked, and trending at a high velocity,” bitly announced in an official blog post.

While Google’s search results utilize page rank, plans on implementing a new filter that displays stories that the company believes will “get the most attention over the next 24 hours.” The service will also use their own analytics to refine its predictions in realtime. is also rolling out its first product built on top of their new search platform to provide realtime reputaiton monitoring. This new service attaches a layer of sentiment and tone to search results with a nice dashboard for monitoring keywords. Of course, you also get email alerts.

The company plans on rolling out the reputation monitoring service to beta testers and current bitly Enterprise users over the next two weeks.

Those who are interested in participating in the beta program, can email bitly at [email protected]