Bing’s prediction spree continues with the outcome of NBC’s The Voice

Joseph Finney

Bing's prediction spree continues with the the outcome of the Voice called

The Voice is a TV show on NBC where contestants compete for $100,000 and a record deal. The show features new artists trying to get the votes they need to continue each round. Bing has tried their prediction engine at guessing the winner, but like all predictions, the only way to know for sure is to watch the show. Similar to the way Bing predicted the winners of Dancing with the Stars, but The Voice is decided solely upon the votes of the audience.

While this is a fun way for Microsoft to test their skills of predicting, the implications of this technology in business is huge. Companies being able to predict levels of demand for a product or service, gives them the ability to stock extra, or bring on more staff. Having a better glimpse into the future of your companies success could mean less waste and more focused resources where they count.

Concerning Bing’s predictions, here they are for The Voice:

Bing's predictions for season 7 of The Voice