Bing’s iPhone app updated with trends, multiple searches and more


Bing's iPhone app updated with trends, multiple searches and more

iPhone users have a new Bing update to install, and there are quite a lot of changes to explore. It’s now easier than ever to start a search thanks to new buttons that provide instant access to key features of the app, and it’s also possible to conduct multiple searches simultaneously. Working much liked tabbed browsing, individual searches can be opened on different tiles and accessed whenever needed.

Trending topics are something that may be more readily associated with social networks, but the Bing iPhone app provide access to trending search terms as well. This is a great way to discover what’s happening in the news as well as finding out what the rest of the world is interested in at the moment.

Changes have also been made to bookmarks, and a new manager makes light work of keeping sites organized. Autosuggestions have been improved to be even more helpful, and a quick shake is all it takes to be transported to a random trending story if you need to pass a little time.

Here’s the full changelog for version 4.4 of the app:

  • Shake your phone to discover a trending story.
  • See what’s trending across News, Searches, and Images with quick access from the home button.
  • Multitask using Recent tiles.
  • Tap the search widget from anywhere in the app for one-hand access to new search, tabs, and voice search.
  • Manage your bookmarks: separate categories for News, Images, Searches, and Web Results.
  • Copy web addresses or open websites in Safari.

Hit the download link below to grab yourself a copy of the app, or head over to the App Store to grab the update.