Bing’s IndexNow protocol to enable faster indexing of Wix premium sites

Devesh Beri


Wix now offers IndexNow integration for premium site owners, automatically notifying search engines of new, updated, and deleted URLs.

IndexNow is a new way for websites to tell search engines about changes to their websites. It’s faster than the old way, where search engines had to crawl websites to find new or updated content.

With IndexNow, website owners can notify search engines when they make a change. This means that the change can show up in search results much faster.

Here’s an example:

Imagine running a blog and having just published a new article. With IndexNow, you can notify search engines about the new article the moment it’s published. The search engines will then crawl and index the article, meaning it could appear in search results within minutes.

Other points to know are

  • IndexNow is expected to become more widely adopted, potentially changing how websites are indexed and prioritizing SEO efforts.
  • IndexNow benefits website owners and search engines by reducing crawl load and bandwidth usage.

“IndexNow aims to make web indexing faster, more efficient, more open, and more accurate for both web publishers and search engines.”

Fabrice Canel, principal product manager at Microsoft Bing

Overall, Wix’s IndexNow integration empowers website owners to get their content indexed faster, ultimately improving their search engine rankings and user experience.