Bing’s being tested for intra-company use

Kareem Anderson

Just when you thought you could simply avoid Bing by leaving it off your personal devices, Microsoft may have now found a way to put in your face by injecting into your work-life.

Thanks to everyone’s local neighborhood Microsoft sleuth the Walking Cat, we now know that the company has a project it’s tentatively calling Bing for Business and the folks over at Petri have spotted in out in the wild as a private beta.

As it stands, Bing for Business works by allowing companies to use (what we believe are APIs) to infuse their own company searches into the search engine enabling Bing to work like some sort of hybrid intratnet portal.

Without permission to the private beta, we’re scant on details about when, where and how this new Bing for Business will be applied or even rolled out for that matter.

As Microsoft pivots Bing from being a strict and direct search engine competitor to Google, the company appears to be finding indirect niches for service to fill as it evolves into a backend platform.