Bing’s back at it, predicting NBA Draft slots

Kit McDonald

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Bing Predicts has an impressive history of making accurate predictions for multiple events such as sports and politics. Now Bing is back on the court sharing the most recent expectations for the NBA pro-basketball 2016 lottery picks.

Bing Predicts combines the analysis of future success for each athlete. The data includes a wins-above-replacement player value. This, combined with the web and social mentions of the player through media, lets Bing Predicts to accurately choose the higher likelihood of being drafted.

In 2014, Bing correctly predicted nine out of eleven of the pro-basketball draft picks, including pegging the top three correctly. A year later, they correctly predicted the full lottery of 2015’s top fourteen picks.

For 2016, Bing intends to predict the upcoming season for the three teams that won the drawing for lottery slots: Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Boston. The amateur athletes expected to be picked first are:

  1. Ben Simmons – Philadelphia
  2. Brandon Ingram – Los Angeles
  3. Jamal Murray – Boston

NBA Draft predictions.

Following up on their heels according to Bing Predicts are:

  1. Dragan Bender – Phoenix takes a risk on the Croatian big man
  2. Buddy Hield – leading Oklahoma to a deep tournament run improved his value
  3. Kris Dunn – the 2014-2015 Big East player of the year returned and further improved his game, becoming a two-time player of the year this year, pushing him into our projected No. 6 spot
  4. Jaylen Brown – his season at Cal actually dropped him slightly but still a top 10 pick
  5. Marquese Chriss – he has dramatically vaulted up the ranks since declaring for early departure
  6. Jakob Poeltl – some experts say he’s the player most likely to have immediate impact in the pros
  7. Deyonta Davis – web signals are mixed on him but there seems to be enough talent for a top-10 pick
  8. Henry Ellenson – hard-working Marquette player headed to Florida—sounds familiar, Dwyane Wade?
  9. Timothe Luwawu – an international player from France with long wingspan fits Utah’s needs
  10. Skal Labissiere – no draft is complete without multiple Kentucky players taken during the lottery picks
  11. Domantas Sabonis – like father, like son—talented big man takes the final lottery spot

We’ll see as the basketball season moves forward if Bing Predicts is going to be carrying another victory with their analysis, or if one of the new star athletes will break through the system.