Bing.Com/Awards launches just in time for the award season


Bing.Com/Awards launches just in time for the award season

These days there is so much more to Bing than just searching. The award season is just around the corner — we have the Gold Globes, Oscar and Grammy’s to look forward to — and Bing has launched Bing.Com/Awards, an interactive guide including everything you could possibly want to know about the various award ceremonies.

The Golden Globes are first on the agenda, and Bing.Com/Awards is on hand to help you to discover more about all of the nominees as well as looking at the history of the ceremony. If you’re one of the many households planning to hold a Golden Globe party this weekend, you’ll find a series of tips to help you plan it to perfection.

Bing’s search ability is put to great use as well. The site will try to predict the winners of individual awards by monitoring searches that are performed for information about the nominee. Predictions are already being made about which movies are going to fare well based on the searches that are being carried out at the moment.

Of course, this weekend is just the start of things. There’s not long to wait until the Oscars get under way, and of course music fans have the Grammy’s to look forward to. Will you be making use of Bing head of or during the award ceremonies? Take a look at Bing.Com/Awards and see what you think!