now running on Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate


Microsoft has proudly announced that, the companys popular search service, is now powered by Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate. Microsoft states that performance is a key component that Windows Server 2012 offers since Bing processes thousands of queries every second.

Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate, which was released recently, is now powering Microsoft stated that there were several key features in Windows Server 2012 that would improve and its performance:

  • Built-in Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, included with Windows Server 2012, including the background garbage collection and associated improved latencies
  • Improved performance at startup, enabled by the multicore JIT functionality of .NET 4.5
  • Ability to collect call stacks for 64-bit .NET JITted applications
  • Evaluation of Hyper-V 3 (the version of Hyper-V in Window Server 2012)

“The promise of the new Windows Server 2012 features intrigued the team as we considered migrating to the latest operating system. What began as exploratory evaluations of the impact of a migration quickly led to a full-scale deployment, which benefited greatly from the built-in .NET 4.5 functionality, multicore JIT functionality, and potentially, the much-improved Hyper-V 3 functionality,” Microsoft explained.