Bing wants Valentine’s Day romantics to use its new iOS and Android app features

Brad Stephenson

Bing Valentine's Day

The Bing Team wants to remind consumers of the search engine’s numerous non-search features this Valentine’s Day with a special post on their blog highlighting ways Bing can be used to complete different romantic tasks.

While none of the reminders are too ground-breaking, they do shine the spotlight on some uses for Bing that most users overlook, well, except for the video search results (they want users to find romantic music to listen to) and the image search (for looking at pics of cakes?) which are both common knowledge for anyone who’s ever used a search engine before.

In addition to simply using Bing to search for craft inspiration and for finding a florist, a genuinely new feature covered is the restaurant reservations ability on the recently updated Bing apps on iOS and Android (for booking a romantic dinner of course). This is similar to the web version’s ability to search for and buy tickets to events but is native to the apps and newsworthy for those that use them.

Microsoft has also tried to promote their other products this week with a Valentine’s Day twist with Cortana, Windows 10, and Skype all getting their own romance-themed marketing push.