Bing wants to help you celebrate the holidays with songs, crafts, and more

Mark Coppock

Bing Present Holiday 2015 Featured

With the holiday season upon us and Christmas and New Year on the way, Bing wants to make sure everyone has plenty of cheer. As the Bing blog points out, the search engine has plenty of fun stuff in store this year to make sure you celebrate the holidays in style.

– Holiday music you can sing to: We have a carousel of classic and newer holiday music that you can sing along with using the lyrics Bing provides, while watching the video.
– Movie guides for staying in or going out: Stay in, snuggle up and search and stream a holiday movie classic, or use Bing’s holiday movie guide to buy tickets for the big screen.
– Inspiring treats to satisfy your sweet tooth: Try a new recipe after drooling over Bing’s image carousel of holiday cookies. Feeling really creative? Turn your baking into art by creating one of these gingerbread houses.
– Kid-friendly crafts to keep ‘em entertained: Try one of these fun craft projects, or open one of these coloring pages in your Edge browser and use the inking tool—no crayons needed!
– Predictions that’ll make football fans cheer: Looking for something to cheer for, but a little less “festive?” How about a football game? Use Bing to find all the information on the upcoming games, including who Bing predicts will come out on top.

Also, you can head over to the Bing Homepage to get a present just for you. Just click on the little red package in the lower-right corner of the Bing page and see what’s in store for you.