Bing Voice Search is now available on the web and desktop

Arif Bacchus

Bing Voice Search

Bing on the desktop has gotten another new feature to bring it up to par with Google. The search engine now supports voice search, allowing users to leverage their voice to ask questions and get a quick response from Bing in return.

Available by clicking the microphone icon in the search box, the feature is quite useful for quick searches for time, weather, or even quick math-related questions. Once you click the microphone icon, a drop-down box appears and Bing will play an audible noise to let you know that it is listening to your query. Then, as you speak the words, Bing will show you it on the screen. Eventually, you’ll be taken to a results page, and Bing will read back a result to you.

For folks who like saving time by not typing things out on the keyboard, this is sure to be a useful feature. It’s also available in the Bing app on iOS and Android too. Try it not now, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.