Bing’s latest update makes it easy to plan your next vacation or trip

Arif Bacchus

Are you planning to head out far away from home soon? If you are, then you might want to visit Bing first as the Microsoft search engine is getting some improvements to help you plan your next vacation or trip.

Now on the search engine are some richer and more immersive experiences that pop up when you search for hot destinations like “New York City.” You’ll find a new “explore” option as well as a “Travel Guide” in your search results. It’s here where you can see a suggested itinerary for things to see and do during your trip. You’ll also be able to book flights and hotels, too.


Additional updates for Bing also make it easy to find reviews, aggregated information, maps, tickets, and tours for certain things in a specific city. You can look up locations like Central Park, New York City tall buildings. Even foods for certain cities will have fancy information Knowledge Cards with expanded categories, say, Hot dog, for example.

As usual, these updates are rolling out first to US-based users, as well as folks in the UK, Australia, and Canada. Check it out now, and if you happen to plan your dream trip with Bing, let us know in the comments.