Bing text ads extended with Callout and Review Extensions

Kellogg Brengel

Microsoft announced two new ways to help make ads stand out on Bing with the introduction of APIs for Callout and Review Extensions.

Bing Ad Callout Extension
Example of Callout Extensions via Microsoft

Callout extensions are the bullet points lists that you see under search result ads which highlight certain specifics about your business. Text ads can now display 2 to 4 callouts per impression, and can be customized per each ad campaign or ad group.

Bing Ad Review Extension
Eample of Review Extension via Microsoft

Developers can now also add review extensions to Bing Ads. Similar in placement to callouts, review extensions will add a line at the bottom of your ad which includes a sample of a trusted third party review of your business or product/service. Only one review is included per impression but each campaign or ad group can be associated with one to twenty review ad extensions.

Advertisers can start using the new extensions immediately as the Bing Ads SDKs were already updated to support callouts and reviews.