Bing tees off golf season with Masters coverage, more

Arif Bacchus

If you’re a fan of golf, Bing is getting you ready for the season with coverage of The Masters, which takes place this week. The Bing coverage will no doubt fulfill all your information needs and keep you in the know as the season progresses.

According to the Bing team, starting this PGA season with the event in Augusta, Bing will help you find the answers to your PGA questions. And, as Bing tracks each golfer’s world ranking, total earnings, and each event, you’ll be provided with round-by-round scores, full leaderboards, and specific golfer information. You’ll also be able to check the entire event schedule for the tour season and track the FedEx Golfer rankings.

Bing is known for wide sports coverage and has even predicted results of the Super Bowl, NASCAR races, NBA Playoff games, and much more. What is your favorite feature of Bing? How do you use the Microsoft search engine to keep up to date with your favorite sport? Let us know in the comments below!