Bing starts wishing users a happy birthday

Michael Cottuli

According to a tip given to WindowsCentral, Bing has recently started to do a small celebration for those who happen to be celebrating another year on this Earth. We tested it out and, lo and behold, it’s true. If your Microsoft account tells Bing that your birthday is today, you’ll be greeted with a pleasant night sky, giving you a digital birthday cake and then wishing you a happy birthday in the stars.
This isn’t much, obviously, but small things like this are what’s necessary to keep people coming back to your search engine. In a world where Google rules so much of the search engine market (Google gets approximately 1.1 billion monthly unique visitors, where Bing gets 350 million, according to ebizmba) things that improve the user experience should be helpful to retain an audience, and even make strides towards convincing people to make Bing their search engine of choice, if they can be ripped away from Google.