Bing Search Featured Answers could be powered by AI soon

Kareem Anderson

Bing-ChatGPT - Search

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Microsoft’s Bing team continues to put the petal to the metal by integrating more and more ChatGPT-led features into its search services and the next targeted merging could be the replacement of Features Answers on the search results page.

According to the CEO Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft Mikhail Parakhin, the Bing team will be replacing the Featured Answers or colloquially referred to as “Top Cards” by some, with Bing Chat Answers. Parakhin took to Twitter to confirm the change and briefly explain why it’s become part of the team’s roadmap.

Interestingly enough, the results normally pulled from Bing Chat happened to be an aggregate of highly trafficked sources, resulting in a process that could affect the accuracy and validity of the search results.

Parakhin also responds to another Twitter users with hints about more UI changes to come to the overall look of Bing search but notes that there are some underlying issues that continue to arise that have kept some of these proposed additions from hitting mainstream availability.

The Bing team has been slowly tweaking its top search result view over the past five years to offer more context to its searches as well as more visually prominent information at a glance.

In the last month, there have been signs of more AI-powered influences in the Bing search results that look and feel similar to the full Bing Chat window, with contextual prompts aligned at the bottom of more specific search results.