Bing search box now appears in Google Chrome’s new tab page


Bing search box now appears in Google Chome's new tab page

Do you prefer using Google Chrome over Internet Explorer? Do you like Bing instead of Google Search? Now you can utilize Bing on Google Chrome. Microsoft has announced today that latest versions of Chrome now allow you to use the Bing search box on new tab pages.

“Searching just got simpler for people using Chrome with their default search engine set to Bing. Now when you open a new tab in your browser, you will get quick access to the Bing search box (and associated Page Zero features) as well as the frequently used sites you’re used to,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Simply head over to Chrome’s Settings, and set your search engine to Bing. Those who already have Bing selected will automatically see the Bing search box upon opening up a new tab in Chrome. 

This feature was first pushed to Canary and Chromium builds back in May, but is now available to stable releases of Chrome. If you are a Chrome user, now you can enjoy Microsoft’s Bing search engine!