Bing Search app for Android updated with new UI, more

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has released a significant update for the Bing Search app on Android devices. The update pulls back from an older user interface which has been part of the app since two years ago, and introduces a new UI, and simplified access to images, videos, and news search results (via Neowin.)

The new look of the Bing app on Android

Overall, these changes should be rolling out, so be sure to head to the Google Play Store to update. The most significant of the changes is a better use of colors throughout the app, which makes for a cleaner and more concise look when searching through images and news within the app. Other changes and fixes can be seen in the changelog below.


  • The Bing Search app has a whole new look! Search better with a simplified experience and refreshed color.
  • Get rich and clear results with improved restaurant reviews, songs, and more.
  • Bing now gives you quick access to images, videos, and news search results.
  • Search animated gifs, discover trending ones, and save your favorites!
  • Customize font style, size, and background for an optimal reading view experience.
  • We’ve also go bug fixes, speed improvements, polish and so much more!

If you’re not already using the Bing Search app on your Android device, you can find it via the link below. Once you’ve updated or downloaded the app, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.