Bing Search app on Android expands its capabilities dramatically with latest update

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft’s Bing Search app for Android has updated with new functionality for music and video search, related video suggestions, and improvements to camera search.

Here are the release notes for the latest update:

Music: Search for a song that’s playing (or just type the name of a song), then play the video while following along with the lyrics. Also, with the new Music shortcut on the homepage, it becomes even easier to get into trending songs, and discover trending artists.

Video preview: Previews start playing automatically with sound off on video search

Related video: Discover more video clips related to the video you watch

Camera search now supports flash, zoom, and front facing camera

The Bing Search app works as a universal search for content on a user’s device, in other apps on the same device, and online. It also boasts location-based features such as restaurant and event bookings and can be used to scan barcodes for price comparisons between different online stores.

Do you use the app on your Android device? Let us know your thoughts on the update in the comments below.