Bing Rewards now lets you earn credits and offers from your mobile


Bing Rewards now lets you earn credits and offers from your mobile

Earning rewards for performing web searches is pretty cool, and that’s exactly what’s available through Bing Rewards. Search for something you’re interested in and you can earn credits that can be spent on all manner of things. Now Microsoft is taking the rewards program mobile, enabling iOS and Android users to reap the benefits from Bing Rewards using their mobiles and tablets.

Bing Rewards works in exactly the same way on mobile devices as it works on desktop platforms: just search and earn. There’s the opportunity to earn extra credit through mobile-exclusive searches and the simple app interface makes it easy to keep track of how your credits are adding up.

But there’s something extra. As well as earning credits on your mobile device, you can also redeem them when you are out and about — as you earn digital credits, you can spend them through your phone or tablet. This feature is yet to roll out, but it is in the pipeline.

Bing Rewards is available for iOS and Android at the moment, but Windows Phone users will have to wait a little longer. There are also more features to look forward to. Senior Marketing Manager for Bing Rewards, Alex Danskin, said: “This is just the first step and you can expect additional updates in the coming months.”