Bing Rewards is now available in India

Michael Cottuli

You’ll be hard pressed to get a lot of people to use Bing instead of it’s unquestionably larger counterpart, Google. Microsoft has always known this, and in an effort to try and take some of Google’s traffic, they implemented the Bing Rewards program. If you use Bing, you probably know all about this – you accumulate Bing reward points just by using Bing, and you can redeem them for a large variety of different benefits. While this program is nice, and to some people is one of the only real defining features of the search engine, not all regions have access to it.

In an effort to expand the support for Bing Rewards to more regions, Microsoft has recently brought the program out to the people living in India. In order to sign up for the Indian Bing Rewards program, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Log into Bing
  2. Go into your settings
  3. Go to the “Region” tab
  4. Change your region to India
  5. Go here to sign up for the rewards program

While the rewards program is out and fully functional in India, it’s not quite as useful yet as it is in other regions. For right now, it seems like the only available rewards come in the form of credit for Freecharge — a service that people can use to help pay for gas, mobile bills, and a few other things. While the support for Bing Rewards in India might not be absolutely stellar from the outset, it’s still good that Microsoft is expanding the program’s reach, and it’s very likely that we see this support improved in the near future.

Thanks to Debjyoti for the tip!