Bing reveals the most searched for people of 2013


Bing reveals the most searched for people of 2013

You can tell that year has entered its final stretch, the time when lists start appearing all around the internet, many of them from the big players in the search game. Microsoft has elected to make Bing the first out of the gate, barely even waiting for the final month of the year to begin. The company has pushed out what is likely the first of several such rankings, as this one covers only people.

The search engine now reveals some of top people for various countries, though no top-ten rankings were included for locations other than the US. “Looking back on 2013, billions of searches on Bing from around the world reveal it was a year of American songs, superhero movies, Facebook love, high-end designer brands, controversial sports stars, European getaways and fierce women”, the company states. Many of the names will likely come as no real surprise.

In the United States Beyonce topped the list, while Mylie Cyrus took top honors in Australia and Canada. Residents of Germany and the United Kingdom seemed to be rather fond of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in 2013. “Actress and actors Bruna Marquezine, Wen Zhang and Salman Khan were the most-searched people in Brazil, China and India, while singers Rihanna and David Bisbal ranked at the top for France and Spain, and gorgeous TV personalities Danmitsu and Belen Rodriguez were favorites in Japan and Italy”, the company concludes.

As a bonus, Bing also ranked the top-ten sports stars, which included Tim Tebow, Ray Lewis, Lindsey Vonn and several others. The most searched movie was Iron Man 3, which likely is no surprise either. As stated previously, it seems rather obvious that Microsoft will have more of these rankings to dole out as the end of the year fast approaches.