Bing releases a (broken) New Tab Page extension on Google Chrome

Sean Michael

Bing extension broken on Chrome

Bing recently released an extension for Google Chrome that would make every new tab you open automatically open to Bing’s homepage. There’s only one problem, it is completely broken at the moment.

After downloading the extension, I tried opening a new tab and the very first attempt was successful, however every subsequent attempt has not worked. We’ve had multiple members of our staff test the extension and for each of us the result was the same. I even removed every single other extension from my Google Chrome to make sure it was the only extension trying to run; no change.

The extension has a few features that if they worked would be nice. The main point of the extension seems to be to get you to visit Bing’s homepage, which has trending searches along the bottom and their famous high definition background images. Bing’s home page also has links to other Microsoft services such as Office online, MSN, and Outlook.

The problem seems exclusive to the extension itself. Bing’s homepage is still working on Chrome at the moment. If you go to directly today you can see an adorable clip of a wombat eating grass but if you try to use the extension you will sadly see a much less adorable page full of repeated code.