Bing ready to help NFL fans outsmart the competition

Kareem Anderson

As the NFL pre-season wraps up, arm chair quarterbacks and Monday-morning coaches are scrambling about putting together fantasy drafts and season predictions. Some NFL fans are relying on superstitious rituals and homegrown remedies to prep and predict this NFL season. Other NFL fans are meticulously crunching numbers, viewing rosters and going over YouTube highlights to predict player progressions and team chemistry for their season predictions.
Fortunately, for fans who use Bing, Microsoft is doing most of the heavy lifting for predictions this season.

Bing has all your professional football needs covered this season. Whether you want to know the chances of your team winning in the upcoming week, the likelihood of your favorites making the playoffs, or key strategies to help your fantasy team get the edge, Bing boosts your confidence to compete. And of course, we help you discover all the information you need for schedules, score, standings, teams and players.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Using Bing this season will grant most NFL fans a free and fully immersive alternative to paid apps or cluttered ad-riddled NFL sites[/pullquote]
Football fans can effectively sit this season out and look to Bing for most, if not all, of their NFL 2016 season questions and concerns. For the 2016 NFL season, Bing will bring fans Weekly Game by Game predictions. Buried within the predictions is also the “why” for its choices. Fans can take that ‘why’ information back to their friends, family, and envious co-workers with an arguably undeserved chip on their shoulders during Monday meetings. Bing users will also benefit from new Fantasy Football Features. For fans who are in the last-minute scrambles to put together a fantasy team for the week, Bing will now offer information on weekly starting positions and free agency availability. Visiting Bing’s fantasy football projections will also help fans understand where their murky world of fantasy football points should be going.
Lastly, fans will be able to keep on their fantasy players with up-to-date scoring through Bing. Using Bing this season will grant most NFL fans a free and fully immersive alternative to paid apps or cluttered ad-riddled NFL sites.
Eager fans will note that only some of the features are currently available, but Microsoft encourages fans to re-visit Bing at the beginning of the season as more features become available.