Bing Predicts takes on the Kentucky Derby

Vu Anh Nguyen

Microsoft is testing the future-peeking limits of its machine learning capabilities again, this time on non-humans. No, not that kind of test, but for those who gets their excitement from seeing human-controlled quad-limbed mammals competing in speed, Bing Predicts has the answer for who will reign supreme in the next Kentucky Derby.

Horse racing is a new field for Bing Predicts, which normally deals in human-only issues like ball games, singing, and politics. Of course, to the Bing team, it’s all about tracking the right variables and analyzing the data; for horse racing, it can range from track condition and past performance, to more obscure matters like horse genetics. Without further ado, here’s the list of the top five performers in the Kentucky Derby, according to Bing Predicts:

  1. Nyquist
  2. Mohaymen
  3. Outwork
  4. Destin
  5. Exaggerator

The faces of the winner. Credits: Bing blog
The faces of the winners. Credits: Bing blog

Only time can tell if Bing will once again see the future; given Bing Predicts’ track record in determining the right winners, the Bing team has the right to be confident in their predictions. We can’t recommend betting everything you have on this result however: with the way Bing works by analyzing the newest data, changes can come anytime as the race draws near.

Duped “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sport”, the Kentucky Derby is happening tomorrow on May 7. Stay tuned for more predictions for your favorite events, and other interesting Microsoft-related news.