Bing Predicts takes a crack at the American Music Awards

Michael Cottuli

If you’ve been enjoying Bing Predicts’ work throughout football season, you may be interested to know that everyone’s favorite fortune teller is going to be at it again this Sunday.  Bing Predicts has gone about telling the future of this year’s American Music Awards, giving us a prediction for each of the categories that are going to be judged this year.
Along with Bing Predicts seeing into the future, the folks at Bing have created a carousel of all of the American Music Award nominees, linking them with what they’re nominated for. You can see all of the predictions right here, but here’s a look at some of the highlights.

Even for people who aren’t that interested in the commotion surrounding the music industry, it should be a good time to see how many of Bing’s predictions were correct. With the Bing Predicts engine doing so successfully in football, it stands to reason that its ability to analyze trends for music should be relatively solid. If you don’t feel like tuning into the American Music Awards on Sunday, you can come back to Bing on Monday to check on all of the predictions, and see if our automated oracle has had a successful batch of predictions.