Bing Predicts takes aim on March Madness with

Dave W. Shanahan

Coming off an incorrect Super Bowl 50 winner prediction, Bing Predicts looks ahead to March Madness. Bing Predicts set up, a website dedicated to predicting who will and who won’t make it to March Madness this college basketball season. In a recent blog post, Bing Predicts explains the numbers behind their predictions and provide some insight on how Bing Predicts uses probability and the new Power BI “Publish-to-Web” feature for

Bing Predicts uses the new Power BI Gateway, to calculate which college basketball teams will ultimately make it to March Madness. March Madness is a US college basketball tournament that has 68 spots through 32 divisional conferences. Each of the 32 conferences get one automatic entry, but in 31 of those conferences, that automatic entry is determined by an end-of-the-season tournament.

Here is a short video by ESPN college basketball analyst, Jay Williams, on how Bing Predicts Are We In results:

The one exception to March Madness is the Ivy League, which uses the regular season champion team as the March Madness representative. Even the top-ranked teams in other conferences are not guaranteed a 100% probability of qualifying for March Madness because guaranteed entries require those teams to win the conference tournament. Again, the Ivy League is the exception, since only one team wins the regular season conference title and there is no end-of-the-season tournament like in other conferences.

Bing Predicts certainly has its hands full at attempting to guess which 68 teams out of the 351 total in Division I will make it to March Madness. For more information, check out